Bespoke Packages

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Bespoke Packages
Charged at an hourly rate of £25

Each of the three services we provide can be tailored to your needs, budget and finances.  You will not be contracted into these services and they can be provided as and when required.

It would not be deemed necessary to repaint your home on a yearly basis providing the tenant has not caused any noticeable damage to the walls such as holes in walls caused by removing picture hangings.  However, a fresh coat of paint every few years or so will keep the property fresh and appealing to potential new tenants.

Having your home professionally cleaned between tenants is something I would highly recommend.  The last thing your new tenant wants to do is come into the property and be tasked with cleaning each and every room before the home becomes habitable.  We have cleaning companies that will give you fair and competitive quote should you wish to do so.

Gardening isn’t for everyone and some people whilst they think they may have done a good job taking care of the gardens by cutting the grass and trimming bushes, however, tending the weeds and cleaning paths is something that can be over looked and can easily make the property look run down to your potential new tenant.  Our gardeners work on an hourly rate and for the cost of a few hours to have your property looking its best is well worth it.

You may be blessed with a tenant that is loathed to have dirty windows and has them cleaned on a regular basis.  However, for most, having clean windows is not something that worries them.  Again first impressions count and having dirty windows can make the property appear shabby and unappealing for potential new tenants.  It doesn’t cost much to have these cleaned and we can have these done at competitive rates and also keep it as an ongoing service if you decided to do so.  Also you could arrange for them to clean your guttering and downpipes especially if these are white.

Pets!  Don’t be deterred by tenants that have pets, many potential tenants will have them.  Pets can be assessed for their suitability and specifically named on the lease if required.  We can also write into their agreement that for each pet they will be required to pay an extra deposit depending on the type and size of the pet(s).  The Tenant  will  be required  at the end of the tenancy to have the carpets and the house deep cleaned by professional cleaners at their own cost and this will also be written into the Tenancy Agreement.  We can monitor this for you as we will be the first to know when your tenant will be giving up the property and moving on.  We will contact them and arrange to have our cleaners go in the day after the property is vacated. 

We can also provide you with advertising only.  We would place your property onto the BE Let website and it will automatically be put onto Rightmove giving you more scope to find a new tenant.  The cost for this service will be £150 per property.

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